Hello, my name is Wyatt

And Computers are my passion :)

About Me?

My Name is Wyatt. I am 17 years old and I have been interested in computer most of my life.
I really started programming at the age of 11 and have never stopped since. My operating system of choice is Linux.

My Skills

Programming Languages

    • Java

    • HTML/CSS

    • JavaScript

    • Python

    • PHP


  • Spigot/Bukkit-Java

  • Discord4j-Java

  • Bootstrap-HTML/CSS/Javascript

Other Skills

  • Linux System Administration

Great guy, made me a random item drop plugin witch works great and was done in a fast time as we requested +++vouch :)
My experience with KingTux has been quite positive. He offered to make something unique for my server and we discussed about how to proceed and share the code etc. He was open to everything and has been helpful. He didn't disappear as soon as there was a bug and he followed up and showed patience. The code was completed and worked as designed and I had no issues with him. King, thanks again for your help.

Contact Me?

  • Discord: KingTux#7647
  • Github